Little Lolita


Related article: Date : Fri, January 18, 2002 16 55th 36 -0500 From: Joyce Devries u003cjoyce_devries hotmail. com u003e Case No : bridesmaid -real 7 The REAL bridesmaid, part # 7 a long adventure, as I was attending a wedding in a royal wedding which is if only the bride and groom knew my real sex. Joyce Devries, joyce_devries hotmail. com ICQ: 26082876 Note that this is a true story, none of the names were changed, but is undoubtedly the day's events! This right is taken from the diary of my s of the time. My (email) is the name of Joyce Devries and it was a real life adventure agree that until now has never been an exciting adventure. I 'm 5'2 ", watch live TV, near Toronto, Ontario. , Canada, and wife and have done tons of " real life "things as a woman, but is n the n last time adventures. the big day, the wedding!, November 1989 the full realization of what I just wanted to do to get n when I left the room and heard the organ music in church. I, Liz and Teresa waited Debbthat is, to go through the door and helped to in the back of the church. I could see that the church was full, , but from what my friend had said, and " stick to the task at hand s". Teresa ran quickly to each of us and gave us tissues and asked us awaits them as needed. I was told to wrap around the handle of my bouquet, and no notice. I worked with Teresa and Liz, and made sure that Debbie dress train and have been applied correctly and at the same time I did that I could see it was Debbie 's turn to start to shake. Everyone calmed to the ground and said everything will be fine. Father Debbie came to the back of the church and took his arm Debbie and I knew it was time. I got in the back of Debbie with Teresa and "inflated " their train and made sure all that was right with her veil and dress. I was not paying the attention, but heard the loud organ music and before I knew it, Teresa Homed walk around the island !. He quickly got up and put in accordance with my flowers, I smiled back Debbie, that Little Lolita was great, but nervous smile on his face. Then I had my turn, my legs began to shake and I realized that I could not go back and slowly began on the island and the memory of happened to my friend had taught, and smiling as big as I could. The church was full, and all sorts of people who had never seen before is smiling and looking at me. I was halfway across the island when my friend jumped on the island and took a picture of me, I a remember for a second and then exercise. E n in front of the church and stopped at Connie and then turned view of the back and waited for Debbie to come to the island. After Liz existed, there was a pause and then began the wedding march, and Debbie on the arm of her father began to descend on the island. that s was certainly a sight to behold, and I had a tear as she walked in the Front of the church (definitely use my tissues !). has in the front, and we all turned and looked at s the minister in charge of the church. While there, he could feel the eyes of others n of the church looking at the back and I could not stop nervous. The ceremony continued and I did what I was told, was was the only one actually doing something to Teresa, as she grabbed bunch of Debbie and gave her the ring. The ceremony was , which seemed like hours, but it was not until about 1 1 / 2 hours, and do not know about the other girls, but standing in one place for a 1 / 2 hours in 3 -inch heel was not so easy. My feet took me, I started going back and forth, when the pain started to run and on the back. I've always had 'n heels for a long time, but the rest in 3 easy "no trouble walking in heels 4, which is is a different story, feet and thighs ached !. the service was over, and Debbie and Carl left with Teresa n and theto sign the best man in the marriage certificate, and the rest of a girls go where a little more and let comfortable. I looked back at the church and could not I think, was packed like I was talking with my girlfriend, but she was nowhere. I stayed with the other girls, and talked s of how wonderful the ceremony was perfect. Finally, Debbie, Carl and Teresa and the best man left the office of s flowers grabbed Teresa and the two front of the audience. The Minister announced : "Ladies and gentlemen, I can not imagine Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. " Then the music began again when Carl and Debbie went to the back of the church , each of that we grabbed the arm of Usher, where n is paired with and returned to the. I grabbed the arm of Paul and had a look honest and sincere in the eyes and said I looked "magnificent. " We went to the back of the is the church and then I saw my girlfriend and took her anusthat the image s Paul and I happened to her. Once in the back of the church, who were on the side of the room and the door was locked and the only people in the room were all girls and children in the wedding party and Carl and Debbie. Debbie and Carl could not each of the fingers and could not stop kisses, Debbie could not stop smiling. The door opened, and Sam went and approached each of us and our lips set and rouge, and played some of our eyeliner. I realized he had changed to something more appropriate for the Church and wearing a black skirt, blouse, cream black hose and black low-heeled. Finally, there was a knock at the door and we were told that the church was clear, and the photographer n ready for us. All left the room, and we all contributed, Debbie with her dress, as we walked outside the church. Wedding party and photographer. Images were taken by Debbie, then Debbie and Carl, and finally the wedding party. These images not last that long at home before the wedding, Debbie becomes very quickly. Teresa then told all the girls and the n in the church before leaving Carl and Debbie, and package of classes and walk to the front of the church and the door House of Representatives. work with a lot of people! They were received, the nerves began bad and I always tried to relax. I tried my friend n local but was nowhere, but there were a lot of passersby. Teresa came and handed us each a bag of rice and before I knew it was coming from Debbie and Carl n the doors of the church and started the applause. I followed the principal of the other girls and a shower of rice and Carl Debbie, was in my pocket. Carl and Debbie line for the sedan that was parked in the bottom of the stairs and quickly have at it. I was totally surprised that Teresa came and told us that we are on track For more photos and follow her to the limousine parked behind Debbie s and Carl. I was in the fact that there is another surprise limousine only for Teresa, Connie, Liz and I and another just to Debbie Carl on, and start more photos!. When we entered I noticed the limo which is the same size as the one entered the church, that means no huge Debbie and her dress, we had a lot of space. Connie Champagne glasses and took the next, and poured glasses of champagne as we went to the website of the images. I had no idea where to go and sat back and enjoyed the race, and We talked about how wonderful the day had been. I noticed a building I had spent hundreds of times, and was a great city the council itself, the church was arrested in We are a the front of the building, I was surprised, I thought, " as wand go picture here?. " followed Teresa and I helped her and Debbie limousine and We walked up the stairs, there were flowers and Debbie, Liz and Teresa helped to train with Debbie and clothing. We entered the front doors and I was demolished ! to one side was what looked like a giant cup in the woods!. Teresa asked me to help Debbie 's dress as she walked was with a woman who was at the entrance to speak and what I learned later, was "the signing of us " was. Teresa told us that all that n is set, and are " prepared " for us. we as group, and I was Blown Away, I had no idea that this building to which , so often was a flower in the garden and woods Review. photographer then began for us in an area that organize run, with beautiful flowers and leaves behind us. we was smiling and smiling, as the photos were taken and in a moment, when n stayed there my girlfriend and she was taking pictures as and other peOple between the photographer to Little Lolita photograph. When I n a possibility that I saw my friend, and she was beautiful. that s hair was freshly made ( I assumed he did in the classroom) and makeup was stunning and wearing my dress and looked perfect in which, certainly better you than me!. He wore a pair strong black hose and heels were the 3 " black patent leather heels, that was " clubbing. " He paused to smile when he saw images, and I could not help smiling back. 's Thoughts strangers then occurred to me that I looked, and was " looking with his , the beautiful and pretended to be available and single, s no doubt be taken at the reception. " Speaking of" knowing " one of the photos we had done has been on a set of stairs and Debbie and Carl on the floor, and in each of the girls was couples with the usher with, were the major n above. of course it was Paul and how he had to pose with the children hadhands on hips forward girls n to keep our flowers. It took a while to set the pose and Paul had the chance to blow softly in my ear, and I had to smash your hands away from your s covered taffeta stroking my back. I've done nothing, but smiled and looked straight ahead and listened to the photographer, I thought, " If we ignore it, it disappears. " But later in the evening I learned, I would regret those words. Finally, the images were made and how they helped Debbie her dress and flowers, as we went, we got another wedding enter the garden and it was quite the instead, about 9 maid of honor is two girlfriends and all the boys in tuxedos. It was definitely a place, , and as we walked, we sat in the sedan and was even Debbie comfortably seated, the rest of us climbed into the limo others. The trip to the room was about 15 minutes and some of the girls , I have a glass of champagne. As we are in the Hall , we saw all ofBBIE faster than the limousine, said Teresa our flowers are left in the limo and take control of our pocketbooks and the n was the plan. As we walked Limo Debbie and Carl, Debbie was in a little in a panic, and when asked what was wrong, whispered to us, that, " if I had to pee, as there tomorrow ". Teresa and asked Liz Debbie take into the bathroom and asked Connie to help things ready for presentation to the couple in the hallway. I grabbed the back of Debbie and Liz helped him to dress in the front and we went to find a bathroom. When we were in the main lobby in the room, where he immediately met by the mother of Debbie, n guided us to the ladies room just off the main entrance. because people spend standing in the lobby and one of them was a friend of my s I could see a big smile on his face when I saw follow Liz behind Debbie as we got into the bathroom. Little Lolita I was amazed off the toilet, it was huge!, Not as big as the parents of Debbie, , but we werell with lots of mirrors and brass fittings, illuminated s been very nice. We were the only ones n the laundry, and both Liz and I saw, either in the least idea what n we do!. He speaks three of us, and assured Debbie a one of the stalls and Liz gave me her purse and put the two us na well-lit vanity Liz helped press the large number of crinolines and Debbie 's dress on the job. Once inside, I Liz, begin to help remove the layers of fabric and helped to say Debbie we could feel her panties on the toilet seat. was something I'll never forget all the material " pouf " to around his waist. Debbie managed to lower his underwear and the door was still open, as they have their business, but nobody could do anything anyway with all the material. Liz still had all the materials in the back of the dress safely off the road and Debbie smiled quietly and said, "I am am done. " I smiled and I realized with Liz look at me I know what to do, I looked back to Debbie, the n discreetly pointed to the abdomen. I thought again," the no is happening "and Debbie unrolled a package of toilet paper and handed it to. Debbie I was still smiling at me and his eyes, shook way that Liz does not see this and reached down, took all the n the material out of the way and wiped his crotch, I'm n decrease in the toilet tissue. helped pull her panties, to see that my lipstick, Mark had not disappeared or anything and then Liz n and helped me get up and go to the farm. all went to well-lit vanity and opened my purse and handed the lipstick to Debbie and she shook her lipstick and I have mine after you do. Liz was also checking hair and makeup and once that is done all the , we returned to the reception. Teresa and Liz and I were in the main lobby Debbie, while Connie spokethe master of ceremonies and it was time to " driving " Debbie dressed for the night. Well, it was rare, as The four of us could not remember the life of us, first, such as the dress should be boiled !. Debbie 's mother finally came and helped to , and after seeing all the tiny loops in the dress and find the hook, we understand. Carl came from the entrance to the room with the master of ceremonies, and asked if Debbie was ready for the entrance of the room. when we saw n make sure everything was perfect, Carl said Teresa, Debbie was ready and asked them to keep Debbie 's mother in the hallway. E n in the room I could not believe my eyes!, Chandeliers everywhere!, And the room was huge!, Was enlightened moderation, and I n in the distance I could see the table large head, which means it feels. that crowd burst into applause, and Debbie and Carl came and making himself as the front of the room, with the rest of us next. While we were at the front of the room, helped Teresa and Liz Debbie up to the podium and sat as the administration of her dress, while n looked around and I discovered that my name is sitting on a label ( thank God). I had no idea about the distribution of seats and not do not ever, but could not see all the girls were in , on the one hand, and the guys on the other side. We were also in the location to march across the island. Teresa was with Debbie, then Connie and Liz and I were sitting around our respective rings the same way. One of the things, while waiting for dinner occurs, is served, that Teresa leaned over and quietly asked if everything was Little Lolita to go with Paul, he replied calmly: "Well, he has been " Felt it in my ass " while dancing images and even go ". She smiled andI said that everything was probably to be and not to worry in order. Around the room which was huge, trying to find my friend and N, after looking at the tables far and Then I discovered that in a table near the head. that n Liz's close friend who was a game for the last word feels , at least I had seen on the feast of trial, but his haircut the suit he wore, it was a definite " chick magnet ". in another page of my friend was another piece, I thought it was a man s model or something, as he was very attractive, it was girlfriend Teresa. I saw that my friend was a good time , since you never saw me at the time before lunch was served and it was a joke and have fun with two guys in each beside her, I asked.... Before I could think, dinner and wine served the first place, before the rest of the crowd. Still time to time looked over thin with my friend Liz at one pointEd and whispered into n me. " I think your friend is fun, but hopefully fun, not My friend can sometimes be a joke," I smiled , and said : "The way it is tonight, I think the guys are going to assign of notification. "Liz totally agree and my head was spinning with thoughts, like her, how sexy she looked, and that the comment that wished she could find a dress as beautiful as that wear. All I could say was " no doubt the girl has a great sense of fashion," Liz said as she smiled again, "of course not. " Liz This comment was undoubtedly one of the " memory banks " and I smiled even when I ate my dinner. As we continue to eat, something happened that I did not know who was in the end of the hall of the " survey" of the glasses and began to grow stronger. I had no idea what was going on it, but Debbie and Carl are and a kiss. Over dinner this happened several times, times couI'd say they were very deep kissing, and then Teresa leaned over and told us all, "ok girls, Carl and Debbie to eat at some point, the next time we meet. " Then the "buzz " began shortly after us and said he saw the corner I find my eyes all the ushers and reach us. For me, everything was in slow motion, slow motion, I could see Paul up to me with an evil grin on his face I saw Teresa began to kiss, that was the first, a gentle kiss on the lips. Paul leaned forward and I pursed my lips in a kiss, and his kiss was anything but light. As I said, it was like in slow motion and I thought his lips was time for at least a minute to me, but it was actually about 10 seconds, hard and tight that I felt his tongue trying to force open my lips. I keep the lips tightly closed, and finally broke my mouth, the word "later " to me when he returned to his chair. I looked at my friend s there was an expression of concern and shock in his eyes as he looked, thathappened, but because the eyes of the people + 300 in me, I to ignore for the moment and smiled. at dinner, and thank God, left the accident, such as people began to eat and never had to face Paul again for dinner a kiss. Dessert was served after the talk occurs, the man gave a toast to the bridesmaids and Teresa read some stories about Debbie, and some of them involved, " I", Barb, and has to listen the fun a 's what they and the real " Barb " really. Then the time feared happened, was the first dance of the Master of the announced ceremonies and the rest of the bridal party was to unite in the second song. Debbie and Carl went to the dance floor and danced their first song and then the moment came, the second song. IN I joined the other girls and I went to the dance floor, and Paul was grinning from ear to ear and what we gathered, it seems, drunk. The second song was a slow process and that at least had the decencykeep hands off of him dancing and " civilized. " While we danced, I girlfriend got up and took a picture (I have no idea why ), and Paul continue to try to " seduce me" during the dance (which I found not have end) turned out to be basically maintained, such as moves. He told me how sexy I am and what was the man to him, , etc, etc (which was graphically sexual in her voice). It was she said she wanted her tongue in the kiss at the head table n and later, possibly in front of the gardens, and n was prettier than his girlfriend ( who was sitting near 30 feet away). Dancing, fortunately, came to an end and finally see my friend s. I said I needed to join me in the ladies' and grabbed her purse and went and I followed. At this point, I emotionally confused and could not enter into his arms, as As soon as we walked into the ladies room and cried like a baby. I was assured and told me that everything was good, some women were in the room, but right now I did not care. She hugged me, and quietly whispered in my ear : " I ​​know, I know you're a very attractive maid of honor at this evening I can not go out and protect open, try n and that stay away from him.. I will not judge differently if succumb to his advances, keep in mind this evening are available, a single girl ". Teresa was when my friend finished the conversation he said : at this point I had to speak in any way and asked what was wrong , and my girlfriend to it, "looks like Paul and his n \\ \\ drunken advances, even the best of it. "Teresa was angry n in a firm voice said," I 'll take the little prick, "and turned and the bathroom quickly. When she went to the bathroom, my girlfriend helped me over the vanity and sat down and gave me a hand on my eyes set ruined now. It was fun, but when he opened the wallet and saw the Kotex pad, tampons and condoms, which I sawnd joked: "Maybe not tonight, kiss all that concerns me ?". Just return the smile (and tried to laugh ), and helped me reaffirm my Apply fix my eyeliner and blush and lipstick. You helped me and gave me my bag, and since this is the time first that have had the opportunity to speak, said softly, "a I, the bride more beautiful than it was today, they are beautiful like, please enjoy the rest of the night. " I knew Little Lolita she was like Teresa no doubt the most beautiful, but I liked the compliment. I said, that I had to use the facilities, and told me I was going to do in the back hall. I went and used a position available and tried to relax after the events with Paul. When I finished my business, I went barn and checked her makeup and hair, then left the bathroom. When I entered the hall to the room, I Debbie tries to pounce on me. Before I knew it gave me a big hug and asked if I was good, and she said she heard what Happ. need I said I was fine and she told me that Paul is not n likely to be a problem for the rest of the afternoon, when it was n vomiting eliminated in the men's room, so drunk. Inside, I very revived and swore the rest of the night, enjoy all that it. The two returned to the room that was dark to dance full of 300 people +. I worked my way through the crowd and on a half way, just before the dance floor I felt myself hand grip. I looked back and there was Carl, very handsome in his tuxedo, kissed me on the cheek and said, " I can have this dance". I agreed and he gently hugged me and romantic as , we Little Lolita danced to the song "Lady in Red". He said nothing, merely a and I smiled as I slid down the dance floor. When the song end gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear, " You are very beautiful and I am now a strange feeling that I will not forget that afternoon. " I returned and i smilen my head said : " ohhh I do not believe you forgot me. " He clenched his hands and then told me to enjoy the night and disappeared into the crowd. I went to the main table and fell off my wallet and then "it" happened. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to find a Lord about 5'6 "was, and he was a very handsome smile I said. " I saw what happened, it happens something like what today should take place at a beautiful girl on a day like today. "I was not sure what to say, but when he offered his hand implies that I dance the song was too slow, and that" I took off my feet, " and took me to the floor. I was lost in his eyes as we walked all the n on the dance floor, which gave me compliments and tell me as was " the heart of my beauty" when she saw me walking down the Island. he'd respected and kept me completely out of your body as we danced , I could smell his cologne and stayed in his deep, penetrating eyes. told me that his nColin loves, and he came to the wedding Stag and loved to dance and told me sexy and beautiful she looked and was a longtime friend of Carl. that stayed on the dance floor for what seemed an eternity, but was only 5 songs. Then I said I had to sit, is one minute, as my feet and calves absolutely killing me. It took me in the hand and open the way to the main table when I sat down and asked, me if I could drink anything and I said a glass Orange Pop would be great. He disappeared into the crowd, and saw sitting at the table were my friend and saw that there was n there, and tried to find in the crowd, but could not. Father Debbie came to the table head and said, "a pretty girls do not feel alone, I can have this dance ?". I knew he could not refuse and took her hand and leads me to the dance the ground and began to dance a waltz. The calves and feet oh absolutelyING, but I smiled and danced with him. He said that s all the girls looked very pretty, and he appreciated what I n where Debbie. I smiled and said it was " I am very happy. " The song Little Lolita ended and gave her a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for the dance and I reached out and took a return to the table principal. Colin has been waiting for me and had my orange soda n and handed it to me and apologized, and told me not to worry, that that the bridesmaids knew there were certain tasks. I told him n the event that any had to sit in the chair and at the end of the main table that sat beside me and held my hands as he spoke. I was all on himself and asked if I saw was that someone, and I smiled back and said softly, "No". I had seen when we were talking I looked and finally saw the friend of my s had to come from the dance floor and went hand in hand with a guy ever. She looked into my eyes and smiled n and then took her purse and held by asecond refers to the to go, and I knew what it meant. I grabbed my bag and apologized I and my friend came, we went to the bathroom. I followed her into the bathroom and it was quite full, n will say anything to each other, but are in line for a stable. I went first, when you went on sale and when I finished with my business, I went for a vacancy on the vanity and open my ​​bag and began to adjust my makeup. My friend stood next to and I began to do the same. I put on my lipstick when he said : : "I see a new friend," I turned to look in the mirror y said: " I ​​see you have one, so " as to open lipstick I kept looking in the mirror and said, "only right girl?". I looked back at her and said quietly. " Yes, only Girls " ended his lips and then looked at me and said : ". I I hope that is not jealous, but I have a great time " I said, I'm a little jealous, but ronduct that under the circumstances, I could not do much. When she broke her bag closed, he smiled and looked at me and said. " Remember that we are home together, " that took one last look at themselves smiling and I turned around and went No path of vanity and left me there. Close the bag and made ​​my way out of the bathroom and back to the room. Colin was waiting at the head of the table, sits still exists and greeted me and asked who it was that was in the bathroom was , and told him that was friendly to me. I looked through was the guy who was with the dance and went where. that smiled and took my hand and told me she was pretty, but it nice. I blushed and thanked him when I sat down and put my feet, I Debbie saw Teresa and Teresa on the Little Lolita table and told me that could not find Liz or Connie and Debbie needed help and wanted to in the bathroom. I apologized again for Colin and I grabbed the bag and excuse myseIf and Debbie and Teresa came to the bathroom. that entered the laundry room and although it was full, some of the girls wait in line for Debbie saw it coming and offered him the house. I in the first stable and secure and Debbie when she Little Lolita broke to me the back of the dress and go collect material s and n stood up when he returned and sat down. He managed to get out of panties and did his business, was as strange as that seemed out of the barn and saw Teresa help with the front of her dress and then, that I later learned, was a wine aunts and actually had a the image of her!. When finished, clean it and Teresa moved of her underwear, then we have carefully helped him both inside and outside the station ( I do not think Teresa was the brand of lipstick). We makeup mirror and I was the only one bag, so that n quickly opened up and gave my lipstick on your lips touching Debbie When I knocked on her lipstick, I can checked me in the mirror I saw that really do nothing. Debbie lipstick hand to me and we went back to the three reception. When I returned to the head of the table, I moved around the dance the ground and played a slow song, then I saw the head of my girlfriend s on the shoulder of the man who with dance and my hands at the bottom. The jealousy ran through me, but I could not stop hear his words echoing in my head, " just right girl. " I found Colin is waiting for me at the head of the table and apologized profusely to the left there. He grabbed my hand and smiled and said : "The work a bridesmaid never done. " I sat down and got now quite sore feet and calves. The song that my friend was Dance ended in close collaboration with its partner and I watched as he went the ground and in Table n. I saw and the guy who was dancing with the n is replacing a kiss and then went to the Little Lolita counter. saw to me ad Colin smiled and looked away and then. Also in this case jealousy ran through my body and I had to keep everything under control control , and I would like my head echoed " single girls, single women. " Colin could not help noticing, when I looked up and realized " Looks like your friend is a good time? ". I just smiled him back and says, " it is. " Although the calf and heel damage grabbed his hand and asked if he was ready to another dance. It was a little surprised and said, "of course " there brings me to the dance floor and going through my friend the table. All he did was smile as we passed by and saw the guy that is come with the ball back to his table with two glasses in hand. Colin brings me to the dance floor, and although I never knew that I looked gay, n certainly felt very comfortable in his arms and in a very secure, as I fell around the dance floor. that stayed for about 4 songs and then I asked Colin to help me bactable k s head. Colin came and grabbed me, and returned to the table (instead of Colin went and did!). sat and asked me if I was interested in a drink, and asked him to another orange soda. Colin took me to the table and looked, and realized that my girlfriend and her new friend was gone. Liz came to from the table and told me that it certainly was spending assign Time "saw the man who leaves the table. " She had her purse with its hand and asked if I go to the ladies room I wanted. Whenever he joked about women "tag team work" for the ladies and I knew that even if I go, I go with it. I packed my bag n and followed Liz in the ladies room. It was very, very crowded in the ladies room and we were in a long line for a position. I are not needed, but got up and spoke to Liz, and she was n relentless ask me about Colin and said things like, " Is not that a n " heartthrob and " bet" tho ? "ught a guy like that would be a to find the wedding? " And finally," that will see him again ? ". I replied as best I could and was finally my turn for a job and I was in the pee and a little more. I met Liz in the mirror and was the control in my makeup, and she leaned forward and said so " is kissed yet? ". I said " no ", and she just smiled and said, " before the night is young, I bet you do is irresistible. " I closed my bag and stared at the mirror and saw Liz and I was at my side when she pulled over and lipstick and could not help seeing that I was almost as good as it. grabbed the bag and said : "Ready to go?, not wait for him. "I smiled and said" yes " and followed his the ladies room full of people and then back to the room. I return n the table, and no hills, waiting for me , and is n me a hug and a very light kiss on the cheek when I left sit. Iapologized again for leaving him on the table without me being there. I said no problem and that he knew the girls have things to do and went to the bathroom had something girls to do together. I blushed and said, "Yes I do," said and we talked for a long time and he asked me lots of questions about all, and I was glad I do not drink, I had to maintain my \\ \\ n stories. From time to time I looked around for a longer time time, I never saw my girlfriend, but I've noticed that the heels are s in her chair, she was dancing in stockings !. Colin continued to to keep my hands and told me I looked beautiful and charming, n certainly knew how to charm a lady. When I rested for about 15 minutes has a special song came on and told me that Colin was his favorite and if n was ready to dance again. I grabbed his hand and leads me to the dance floor and graciously began to move across the floor. It was strange, too , but the room was full and PEOPwere everywhere you could see was Colin 's eyes, he kept looking at me as if the continuation of slow melodic songs. Finally the song ended, but Colin kept me, and stared at me and then tried to move, which gradually head towards me, and gently placed his lips on mine and kissed me solid and loving. E n forth , and he pushed me more and then let go and stared Little Lolita my ​​eyes and said, " Thanks for the dance, I love this song n and it was so beautiful share that with someone as pretty as you. "I no idea of what I say again, however, said " nothing, " he says, and then stopped his arm, and I grabbed him and we went back to the main table. Debbie Teresa was at the head table and also when approaches Colin asked if I wanted a more pop, I said, and if went to look. I sat next to Debbie and she grabbed my hand laughed and said, Little Lolita "I saw the kiss on the dance floor, a piece , we hope your girlfriend is not jealous. " I smiled back and said, " take turnsShe is fair play "and showed the place where my friend sat s, and she was holding hands with his new friend Debbie n smiled and said softly :". Well, then make Little Lolita fun of "Debbie asked, then n. Teresa and I, if we could shake hands with one quarter of the ladies, and grabbed my bag and said, " Absolutely. "We have helped a that s out of the chair, and followed her into the bathroom. I Colin is back with my dad and told him that n is back, and , he said, " No problem, it can see something. " the routine was the same as the previous visits, this time Teresa " in the back " and was first brought to the barn and Debbie helped me to the front of her dress and was the one and clean n pulled her panties. to leave the farm, we all have our way to vanity and had to only in the process of opening the wallet n take my lipstick was when my girlfriend and was on my side, and I was surprised she opened her purse and said softly. " Yes, dear, n fix your lips,After this wonderful passionate kiss on the dance floor, I'm sure that need fixing. "I have become 10 shades of red and everything seemed to wash, and again in the mirror my friend, n is grinning from ear to ear and how he solved his lips then said quietly. " Remember, what s good for you, good for me, you're a pretty maid of honor and the two girls are alone tonight n and my new friend is hot. "I looked in the mirror and saw Debbie 's face sa me and she's obviously what my friend said, and laughed a little. My friend was her makeup back his bag and said softly " the two go way tonight, , you are asked your phone number, I trust you will do a up, or if you want to see it?. " He smiled and laughed a little and want to be free with my lips and I had n once touched my lips, as he walked away. I was speechless, and stayed there and then I poked and I told Debbie :jokingly, that I my ​​lips should fix it. I did and I grabbed the lipstick back in my wallet followed by a giggle and Teresa Debbie back in the room. We all went back to the top of the table and to help Debbie feel you, Colin joined me and we continued our conversation. At night absolutely flew and after a little dancing with Colin, I was still on the dance floor and saw Teresa coming and talking all the n is the maid of honor. It has for me and told me that in 10 minutes all the wedding party was beaten in the parking lot. I thought, "what the the hell?", But seemed to know Colin and squeezed my hand and said. " Ah Yes, work is a bridesmaid never does," brings me back to the table and then just before I 'm sorry, Teresa came and told me it was time to leave. Debbie grabbed my bag and said, "no the need to just go. " She took my hand, we headed to the cold November night, I saw Debbie 's car as we head in the direction n and all wedding party except Debbie and Carl was there. had the limo driver took us the trunk of the limo n in that opened about 8 bags of trash. She told each of us to grab n then follow. We met with Debbie and Carl and the car as Liz opened the door and then opened the bag containing tons of small balloons. We spent the next while, accumulate in the car and the boys were engaged in a "Just Married" and bind Pop cans in the back of the car. I had no idea what was happening, but it was fun. It was not the only one who was cold n Once the girls were done with the balloons we went back to the room, so bring the kids more. that went back to the lobby and went to the main table and only to sit down when I saw my friend looked at me and smiled, , holding her purse. I apologized to Colin and said that back and grabbed my bag and followed by my friend the amountdie area. That there were fewer people than before, and the two n and has the right stalls. I sat down and peed a little, but I could hear my ​​friend in the cabin next door and realized it really takes n go. I'm in repair, adjust the bra, and went to the vanity was very shortly after my girlfriend to me by my side. I was touched by my ​​lipstick, and she had to reach into her purse to do the same, at the same time she smiled. I looked up and said. " What," he said again : "I can not wait to see what happens at the end of the night ended his lips again and again left me mirror and wondered what was said and kept smiling and said : "with the full attention of your friend has that same night, I hope that thanks to" him, " he snapped at her purse and quickly closed turn. and left. I was left wondering what they're talking, I s an idea that was, Little Lolita but I was not quite sure. When I saw through the lobby and again I left the room, time30 !!!!, 00th clock was returned to the main table and Colin n and I kept talking. Then Teresa came and told us it was time to throw the garter and bouquet throw. The first was the league and all The girls stood aside and the music was sexy and I realized Debbie gently lifted her dress, so that only the pant leg and not were exposed. Carl knelt down and pulled the league n and threw him into a lot of men who dived for him, it was weird observed. Then he went to throw the bouquet, all the women gather in an amount Debbie took a bunch of flowers (which I later discovered was not the n as used in the wedding), and turned his back and thrown in the direction us. My friend almost caught, but was one of the cousins, the n managed to pack. After throwing the bouquet, the last song of the evening was announced, where Carl and Debbie before leaving. as the top return to the head of the table to grab my friend Carl came and told me that s the last song and wanted to go tothat would take me back to the car. began to The song was " Stairway to Heaven " by Led Zeppelin Carl found me just before coming to the table and I on the track n. The moment was so romantic I looked into his eyes when you have n all around me on the floor. Again I lost in your eyes and the rest do not exist in the world. Unfortunately, the song is over, and at the end of it, Carl took me about and gave me a soft, loving kiss and I answered. I said I had to go, and if me to my carriage, which is in agreement. He took my arm as we walked return Little Lolita to the main table and met Connie and Teresa, and said them, they had to go. Teresa grabbed my bag and told me it was the gift Open to be present in 11 clock Debbie 's parents, and my "friend", was welcome to go as well. I was not sure what "friend " talked, but I assumed it was my girlfriend. Vi and saw that she was gone and I said to Colin, is that hurry becausenot want to keep, maintain my trip. Teresa also told me that is not concerned with my flowers, make sure all is the next day, open the gift. Colin saw struggling to n demand and, finally, came with a card and a pencil and saw my eyes and asked me my phone number. I know my girlfriend joked about this in the ladies room, but I thought it would never happen. He looked deeply into my eyes and said, " Yes," I grabbed the pen n and a part of me wanted the real number, but I wrote a fake number and gave the card back to him. He smiled and said : ". I definitely will call you tonight has been very nice, " Little Lolita I said my goodbyes and Colin offered me his arm out of the Hall, and was the parking lot. I had no idea where it was my Colin parked girlfriend asked if I knew where I was and said, "do not know," laughed a little and then Colin said: " I ​​think with the n \\ \\ which could be a clue, "and I pointed to the back of theparking quantity. My girlfriend and her boyfriend "new " were doing against your car , had wrapped his arms around his neck, had a bag of hand, and his hands under her skirt and her ass. n approached the car Little Lolita they heard my heels and started to kiss and looked at me and said " oh hi Barb, I am grateful to Steve for a enjoyable evening, which is. one minute to " I hand picked Colin I went to the passenger side and was able to hear my friend s are doing with Steve and saw Colin 's eyes and said, ". Thanks for everything " Colin leaned over and started kissing me before as there is no tomorrow, stabbing his tongue in my mouth and I not think so, but I told him, he hugged me and my mind is not no focus on it and could less, no matter what was happening with my friend s. Finally I heard the car door open and my friend to start the car, which ended a long kiss, and when we parted I said le n, I had to go. He smiled and said: ". I call you, a pretty girl and it can not be alone for too long " I opened the door and slid down the whole way back, we've never said thing and my friend looked at me n with a smile. We came home and my girlfriend was behind the door I said, " we are no longer individual girls, it was just for tonight was fun, no one was hurt, what happened that night lags behind the door. " they are the symbol of the door and kissed me y said: " It was fun, and they were certainly nice, I loved it, with his "friend " hung up his coat then hand grabbed me. says : "I wonder what Carl and Debbie to , it is now? " I shuddered and said, " probably complete his marriage. " I smiled and approached me, holding the sides of my head and started kissing me as never before has been committed. Always light " friendly " before kissing, but that was more passion, which was n Colin and I kissed her clawsue and out, and Taft grabbed me from behind and fondled it covered. I was surprised and after she broke it, she grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom of the s when the lights are located on both sides of the was the bed matching underwear white. Then she kissed me hard again, and said " tonight my love, we are completing our girls - girls Little Lolita go a relationship, lesbians, if you fall into his underwear and I you see here again. " I turned around, and she opened her robe and I was so excited, I slipped in white lingerie and made sure that my dress was hanging \\ \\ n in flames. I fixed my lipstick and went back into the bedroom and found my ​​friend is already in his underwear and smiled her sweet n lips, fixed as well. to the story a "G " rating, I can not tell what happened, , but it's the most incredible night of sex that we had, which was in the March 30 morning, when we fall asleep in your arms take our white underwear... Continue..... hotmail Joyce Devries, joyce_devries . com ICQ: 26082876
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